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Market-leading domestic travel insurance

Reliable insurance cover when you travel, so you can enjoy your trip no matter what may happen along the way.

While travelling domestically you can still experience cancelled flights, lose luggage or have your wallet stolen – making travel insurance just as important if you’re holidaying here in Australia as when you are travelling overseas.

Insurance provided by Passport Card

Hassle-free travel insurance

Usually, travel insurance requires you to cover costs yourself, claim when you get home, then wait and worry.

When taking out PassportCard travel insurance, we also give you the option to be sent a PassportCard. If your luggage is delayed or cash is stolen and your claim is approved, we can load money on the card to help cover your expenses – so you can get back to enjoying your holiday.

It’s how travel insurance should be.

Luggage delayed?

When your luggage isn’t where you are, it’s hard to begin your holiday. Just call us and once approved we can add up to $150 to the PassportCard to buy emergency essentials.

Cash stolen?

No cash, no holiday? Call us and if approved we can put up to $250 on the PassportCard to help you in the interim.

What does our domestic travel insurance cover?

Our Comprehensive Leisure policy offers broader protection to ensure you are covered while holidaying in Australia*, including:

Lost or stolen luggage and personal effects

Cover for luggage and valuable items such as laptops and cameras if they get lost, stolen or damaged during your trip.

Cancellation before your trip begins

If you need to cancel or change your trip prior to departure due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or injury, our comprehensive cover would cover you for non-refundable costs up to the limit you choose when buying the policy.

Rental vehicle excess up to $5,000

Cover for hire car insurance excess as a result of the vehicle being damaged or stolen.

International Travel Insurance on tap

Australia’s only travel insurance with instant payouts for common claims using the PassportCard

You can choose between our Basic for the essentials or Comprehensive for extra coverage. It’s the way insurance should be – quick, simple and hassle-free.

Comprehensive International Cover

Our Comprehensive Leisure policy offers broader protection to ensure you are covered for some of the most common claims made by Australian travellers, including lost, damaged or delayed luggage.

Basic Cover

PassportCard’s Basic Cover offers essential medical cover for Australian’s travelling overseas. If you’ll be travelling light, without expensive personal items, it could be for you.

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